Traveling to Russia this summer

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As an American traveling to Russia this summer, what should I be aware of? Should I be afraid because current tensions are rising? What places to visit?

asked Jul 19, 2018 in General by Samanta (1,160 points)
I traveled to Russia to hunt, so I took the best night vision monocular with me because I had to hunt in the dark.

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There is nothing for you to be afraid of, as far as you are respectful to the locals, their culture and history.
answered Jul 19, 2018 by Heltall (1,740 points)
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Unless you travel to some of the most remote redneck areas, you pretty much unlikely face any hostility at all.
And even if you do, you may be at danger for your perceived possessions, not nationality.
answered Jul 19, 2018 by Morban223 (1,480 points)
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There is no quick answer — depends on many factors and which places you plan to visit. If you have been to Russia in a past few recent years, it is not that different since then. Current tensions did not (at least, yet) affect everyday life. I would recommend you to go in one of the most famous and safe tour across Russia - Trans-Siberian Railway Tours- Everything work out perfectly and you will see a lot of great places and also meet a lot of interesting people

answered Jul 19, 2018 by Franklee (940 points)
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where exactly are you going to go to Russia?
answered Jul 19, 2018 by Vendi (300 points)
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I never thought that I would visit Russia. But I'm going to go to Russia in late autumn. It so happened that my girl lives there. We have been in a relationship for 2 years. She came to visit me several times. I met her in a chat with women She immediately liked me. Now I want to make her an offer to be my wife. I want to take her with me.

answered Aug 22, 2018 by Morban223 (1,480 points)
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If you get lost or have any questions while you are in Russia. Dont turn to policemen walking around. If they see you are a foreigner and are late for your train, they will detain you under any excuse and make you pay. And you will have to pay if you dont want to miss your train.

But local people are good and friendly.
answered Sep 2, 2018 by Lilly B. (140 points)
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This year I also want to go to Russia. Already began to collect documents I'm also interested in what a foreigner can expect in this country. Your answers helped me. Thank you

answered Oct 5, 2018 by TimEP (490 points)
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Russia is a good country and there is nothing to be aware of. People are nice but some of them don't know English but it's not a problem at all!
answered Oct 20, 2018 by Mildred (330 points)
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I have not been to Russia, but I can confidently recommend you the country I visited this summer. We traveled in Ukraine, and with the help of a rented car we got acquainted with the city of Lviv. We studied old castles and visited wonderful coffee shops. It was the best coffee in my life)) I advise you to visit this amazing country.

answered Nov 27, 2018 by noah015 (580 points)
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Russia is huge, depends on what region or city you're planning to visit. I would consider Moscow and especially Saint Petersburg - these are rather developed and advanced cities with unique culture and historical value. Check these weather sites for better navigation by country, Russia is really big and climate is very diverse. Good luck!

answered Mar 27 by Damian999 (500 points)