Uncapped Thresholds (check rate and limits)

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I'm Curious as to the Thresholds that users are place with in for shaping protocals.

For instance - Does a 10Mbps Home Uncapped account recieve shaping after using 10GB in 1 day or is it closer to 50GB in 1 day?

Is it even daily?

Does the system Check every 24 Hours or is it every 10min over the last 3 hour period?


I know the Afrihost system is only shaping when needed, but I would like to know how your staistics show this threashold being reached...

(i.e. The average user usage is 102.47GB or 8.6Mbps constant in the last 7 days when shaping ocured)
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@Belligerence, @Zappa are both right.
Like, It's both a combination of usage habits of certain protocols, Usage habit in General (Based on 30-day rolling Window), Aswell as total load on the network during that time. I kid you not when Afrihost say it constantly changes, It will probably adjust it's levels (I'm guessing numbers here) About 5 times within 1 Min.
I C - Thank you.

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Qouted from Afrihost


We do not use pre-defined download thresholds, so there is no "target" amount. Our QoS policy is implemented on the basis of available capacity, and not on set values.

We split our Uncapped user base into groups according to their usage patterns (not threshold totals) and this determines the degree to which their downloads receive priority. This is dynamically managed, though if the user does not move in between groups, the downloads speeds may appear constant. But there is no way to predict download speeds as they can potentially change at any given moment, based on available capacity.
answered Dec 4, 2014 by Matthew Murdoch (65,110 points)
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"We do not use pre-defined download thresholds, so there is no "target" amount"
Do you not use it at all? If you do use it, how do you use it? If you don't use it, why add it to information on your products?
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Afrihost shapes Uncapped traffic according to demand on the network, not using thresholds or predefined limits. The idea is that they always want to give the maximum amount of bandwidth back to clients on the network and only shape when they absolutely must, in order to maintain good latency and the best speeds on their accounts.

The system runs in realtime to see the demand on the network and the available bandwidth capacity. When it determines that demand is high enough, it will implement sufficient shaping (on Uncapped non-realtime services like torrents) to ensure that demand is managed so as not to affect latencies. This also ensures that clients always have access to as much bandwidth as the network can give, while delivering optimal performance.
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