How long does a device take to get delivered?

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asked Feb 27, 2015 in Air Mobile by Tino
If you select debit order payment method this can take up to 5 working days to clear, after which the delivery process can take up to 3 days if you live in a major city centre. If you do not the delivery process could take a bit longer depending on a local courier service.

Card payment is immediate and if you live in a major city centre you might just receive your package within 3 days.

We continuously update the clientzone. If you go to the connectivity tab and select your deliver you will be able to see if the payment has cleared, if the parcel has been packed, if we have handed it to our couriers and finally if it is en route to you :)

It's always best if you need it in a hurry to settle by cheque/crdit card.

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The delivery time of your device can be affected by a number of factors.

The major factor is the form of payment that you selected when you paid for your device - be it an ADSL modem or Mobile Data modem - debit orders take roughly five working days to be verified and processed. Once this was been done, it will take three to five days for the delivery to take place depending on whether or not you are in a major metropolitan area or an outlying area.

Credit Card payments are processed and verified immediately which allows us to complete and ship your order quite often on the same day as the paymant was made. Once the package is with courier you can expect delivery in three to five working days.

At any point in your order, you will be able to monitor your delivery status from the ClientZone, under the Connectivty menu and by selecting the device from the list of your packages and devices listed.
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It can take up to 3 days, but you can confirm with Afirhost by giving them a call or sending an email
answered Feb 27, 2015 by InternetMatt (10,620 points)