Need to access Clientzone but never receive the OTP via sms

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asked Aug 28, 2018 in Client Zone by YOfford (120 points)
I have the same problem, even attempted to contact support over Whatsapp, they retried sending an OTP SMS, and it hasn't arrived yet (its been 6 hours). I asked them to send an OTP via Email instead, and that OTP fails.

I'm locked out of my account, and no way to get back in without this crap working.

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Good Day,

If you are having trouble logging into your client zone, simply reset the password.

Unfortunately, Afrihost does not keep any passwords.

Your username for client zone will be the email address that you signed up with.

To reset your Client Zone password:

You can now log into client zone with the new details

  • Go to ClientZone 
  • Enter your username (the email address that you get all your invoices on and any promotions)
  • Skip the password and leave blank
  • Select "forgot password"
  • This will send a password to your email address with a reset link
  • Please click the reset link or alternatively copy and paste the link in your browser 
  • This will now allow you to reset the password

If you require further assistance please 
send a message to our whatsapp help line:
or visit our Help Centre:
​​​​or see our FAQ page:

Thank you

answered Sep 4, 2018 by AfriClaire (26,810 points)
I'm sorry, but this is an unacceptable answer where the question hasn't even been read.

Do you think I didn't try that? I requested the password to be reset, hoping that it would let me in, but once you click the link in the email, the page it directs you to prompts for an OTP again.

The SMS is not sent to my phone, after confirming my details with Afrihost support.
I have the same issue, They are always offline and they locked me out sent me an OTP that never reached me, its the only method they used which is messed up and poor in terms of Client service, I had to move to hetzner since Afrihost is only using their OTp method which doesnt work properly, if a client changes their phone number it means they cant get back their account cause afrihost will keep sending OTP even if you do have a password, so whats the use of the password if its not gonna log u in till you get OTP?