We do ADSL through Afrihost. Our line keeps on dropping and have slow responses, what can we do to correct this issue?

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Our account is under Carine Smook and our landline number 0399752156 . I did swap the lightning arrestors,  but the line still drop and extremely slow response. Will you be able to assist on this matter? You can contact her on 0832533349 or me , Johan on 0834533505.

We do stay in Pennington,  No. 60 Barracouta Bend, Pennington. Just south of Scottburgh.


Kind regards

Johan van Schalkwyk
asked Sep 1, 2018 in ADSL by Johanvsafri (120 points)

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Hi Johan,

Unfortunately ADSL lines are still managed by Openserve/Telkom, and if you suspect there is a problem with your line, you will need them to come and repair it. I have had a similar experience with ADSL before, and as soon as Telkom came out to work on the box in the street, my ADSL improved a lot.

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answered Sep 1, 2018 by henkbezuidenhout (410 points)