I need to link my 2 sites to the main branch

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can i have my pastel running from different sites linking to the main site with any of your hosting solutions?

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Desigen Naidoo
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asked Sep 3, 2018 in Shared Hosting by Ubuntu (120 points)

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Good Day,

Yes, you can have a windows dedicated server, and install pastel.

You can then have the sites connecting to the server remotely.

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answered Sep 11, 2018 by AfriClaire (26,810 points)
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Take a look at Zomro.net. They offer an affordable managed service with full shell access. You can use php, ruby, python and more. I've managed VPS' and used managed services. Zomro.net is the best of both worlds.

answered Oct 17, 2018 by Mildred (330 points)