Should I let office 365 manage my DNS settings

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We are switching over to office 365 and the I am not sure if I should let Office 365 manage my DNS settings completely or should I manage the settings myself via the client portal and just update the suggested settings?
asked Sep 4, 2018 in DNS by necele (120 points)

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Good Day,

It depends which platform you are comfortable with, 

If you are comfortable with ClientZone, you do not have to manage your DNS settings through office 365.

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answered Sep 11, 2018 by AfriClaire (26,810 points)
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You need to connect office 365 to your email system, to do this you need to follow this few instruction:

  • Go to the Exchange admin center.
  • Now in exchange admin center, go to Recipients > Migration.
  • Choose more option > Migration Endpoints.
  • Now on the Migration Endpoints Page, Choose New.
  • Select the migration endpoints type page, Choose Outlook Anywhere > Next.

Still getting issue then i recommed you to contact with MS office 365 Support for more help.

answered Oct 23, 2018 by NeilBhisma (500 points)