Does Afrihost Plus give immediate Double Data?

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I'm curious to find out if I activate Afrihost Plus, will I get immediate Double Data?

Or would I have to wait until next month for this to become active?

If I already have double data, does this mean I'll get quadruple data?
asked Dec 4, 2014 in Afrihost Plus+ by Zappa (550 points)

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Hi Zappa,

The Double data special on the Afrihost Plus will not allocate you addition double data,


How it works is as follows, If you activate it on an account that has double data, Currently all Afrihost capped and mobile data packages, It will ensure that when Afrihost does decide to remove the Double data special then yours will remain active


Hope this helps.
answered Dec 4, 2014 by Blueman
"It will ensure that when Afrihost does decide to remove the Double data special then yours will remain active"

that's good information.
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If you are already on double data or on a bundle that doesn't cater for double data you will not get double data or "quadruple" data with Afrihost Plus+. You will only receive double data once double data has been discontinued for everyone, if Afrihost Plus+ has been activated on your account. You can only get double data on the data packages that you have, either mobile data or one of your DSL package.

What you will receive immediately with Afrihost Plus+ is soft cap on your capped DSL package, music streaming app (Simfy) and /or 300 minutes or Turbo Charge on your uncapped account.

Afrihost Team
answered Dec 5, 2014 by AfriDude (43,970 points)
Unfortunately it seems that plus only applies to the mobile data you take out the next month and not the data you currently have.

Some detail I have gone through on my account for those looking at plus.
If you are on a small mobile package : say 250 megs.
Then you go on holiday and decide to get 10gigs for just that month, but keep 250meg for the months following.

Then you get plus during the month you have got 10gigs.
Then you will only get an extra 250megs, which is based on the size of your account the following month.
This is what happened to me.

The friendly afrihost representative "Simphiwe N" then further explained that in the above scenario that if you already have got 10gigs and then decide you lessen the package to 250meg for the following month and then get plus then you will also only get double 250meg and not double data on your current 10gig, but you do get the double data immediately, giving you an total of 10.5gigs for the month.

Also if you have got 10gigs and then get plus and then only lessen the 10gigs for the following month to 250megs then you will get and extra 10gigs.
Seems like the order in which you get plus is important seeing that the above 2 examples are exactly the same, but the order of getting plus differs.
Unfortunately I took option one, not knowing I will lose 9,5gigs and pay R100 for 0.5gigs.
Luckily I had a free month so this exercise did not cost me anything.

Therefore if you already used your free month then I suggest think about thet order in which you get plus in as that seem to make a massive difference.