Can you please advise why is my internet connection not working since 01.10.2018?

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Please advise why is my internet connection not working since 08.10.2018?


asked Oct 8, 2018 in Fixed Wireless Internet by Thulethu (120 points)
1good day my WiFi totally not coneted. Yesterday in working no problems but tonight aspect no internet connection pleas help

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Good Day

Please be advised that we are having connectivity issues, we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Please follow this link for our network status update

If you require further assistance, please 
send a message to our WhatsApp helpline:
or visit our Help Centre:
or see our FAQ page:

Thank you

answered Oct 8, 2018 by AfriClaire (19,950 points)
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So long there is no internet, very strange.
answered Oct 10, 2018 by Kolin45 (680 points)
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I recently disconnected the Internet while watching a football match. I didn’t know what to do. Since the match was very important for me. I called the customer service and it turned out that they had a breakdown somewhere in the server. I waited 2 days and the Internet started working again. The match looked already in repetition on the site the sensations are certainly not the same, but I am glad that there is such a site.

answered Oct 10, 2018 by Morban223 (1,480 points)
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Contact the service with which you have entered into an agreement on the provision of Internet services.
answered Oct 10, 2018 by Phont4 (1,380 points)