Goodday,I had my LTE device installed on the 17th October with pro rata data of 50GB.

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The data was used up within 5 days.What could be the problem?Is the maybe apps running in the back ground.When i check the latest IP and access logs its mostly late night and morning hours.Should i change the settings and how?
asked Oct 25, 2018 in Billing by freeksej1 (140 points)

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Good Day,

It's very odd that you could use up 50 gigs within 5 days however, I suspect that your wifi network may be compromised and somebody could be using your data.

It is also possible that perhaps the data might be used up by system updates or applications which uses a lot of data however we are not able to validate this.

I suggest that you change your wifi password and switch off the wifi device when you are not using the internet to preserve the bandwidth.

There isn't really a way of me checking what used that data. However, you can download the app hilink from Huawei through your Playstore or AppStore and this will monitor your connection. This will show you how much is being used through your router.

As for what is actually using the data, it will be difficult to tell without monitoring each and every single device connected to your wifi.

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answered Nov 1, 2018 by AfriClaire (18,310 points)