how long do i need to wait for SIM card delivery when nano sim cards are out of stock

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Support have advised me that nano sim cards are not in stock, and they will change my order to 3-way breakable sim cards. I ordered the 3 x SIM cards nearly 2 weeks ago, but am still waiting for any news on a delivery date. I have asked how to escalate my complaint to someone who knows the answer and wondering if I should rather make other plans.
asked Nov 5, 2018 in General by swelsh0 (120 points)

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Good day

Kindly note that delivery takes 3-5 working days provided that the payment details have been verified and/or the payment has been cleared which may take 4-5 working days if you are not using a credit card. Please contact our support department to escalate this matter as soon as possible.

If you require further assistance, please 
send a message to our WhatsApp helpline:
or visit our Help Centre:
or see our FAQ page:

answered Nov 7, 2018 by Rocky (3,540 points)
Hi Rocky

I did pay via credit card just over 2 weeks ago. Your support say they are being dispatched to me, but I have heard nothing further and received no confirmation that they are being dispatched. I don't like to hang on indefinitely, when this is clearly not matching up to the terms that I signed up for. Please let me know if you have any news or definite ideas or if i am able to lodge a formal complaint. To date I have not been advised on how I may lodge a formal complaint, so I presume that is not possible? I have asked a number of times.

Thanks - Simon