Vpn and Huawei B618s-22d

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I have been informed by my Vpn service that they will no longer support L2TP protocol as it is not as secure as other protocols. My  Huawei B618s-22d only connects to L2TP. Is there an upgrade or a setting that will allow my device to use the other protocols.
asked Nov 19, 2018 in Devices by doug.jean (150 points)
Hmm, I think what to do

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answered Dec 19, 2018 by Rookie (8,520 points)
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I got the same problems , so what`s the solution, maybe change VPN?
answered Mar 29, 2019 by RicardoMilos (300 points)
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Bro how about to check this nordvpn review and figure out that this VPN is much better for your device. As for the NordVPN speed, it is not the most impressive but certainly much higher than the speed output, displayed by the majority of other VPN services. If you are living somewhere in Europe, you will have the download speed at around 74 Mbps, the upload speed may get as high as 48 Mbps with 40ms ping.

answered Mar 29, 2019 by barkingspider (140 points)
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Nope, still not working, maybe any other services?
answered May 6, 2019 by RicardoMilos (300 points)
I may advise only good browser VPN for work. You may find it below this link in the official google chrome store -https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/proxy-vpn-to-unblock-any/ookhnhpkphagefgdiemllfajmkdkcaim. This one is really good and fast but if your google chrome version is too old it would not work.