I have an Android phone that keeps reverting to MTN APN settings

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I have a Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Neo (2016) that I bought from takealot.com and the MTN SIM I bought from the local MTN shop keeps reverting to the MTN APN setting, which I can’t delete or edit. I put the same SIM in an iPhone and it didn’t have the problem.

I tried turning off auto updates in case updates were messing with the APN settings but almost as soon as I gave it to the employee who uses it, it did it again.

Afrihost support claims it is not the SIM but the phone and suggests flushing it but I am not sure if this is good for the sewerage system. Even if this does sound like a good idea because every time this happens, it chews airtime really fast.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
asked Nov 22 in Smart Mobile Devices by PhilipM (120 points)

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