I have non-smart tv, pc with Telkom ADSL and ISP mweb. What do I do to get streaming, eg netflix? Gross cost?

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asked Dec 3, 2018 in ADSL by PennyB (150 points)

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Streaming means listening to music or watching videos in 'real time', instead of downloading a file to your computer and watching it later. With internet videos and webcasts of live events, there is no file to download, just a continuous stream of data. A streaming media player device is what connects your television or home theater to the Internet and allows you to stream video and music.

If you would like to stream Netflix all you have to do is sign up for Netflix. They have different priced packages. You only need an internet connection and as you already have an ADSL connection then you have internet. Just ensure you have a line speed fast enough to cater for your streaming needs. A 20mbps line should be sufficient.

Afrihost is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and can offer you an internet connection if you are looking to change providers.
answered Dec 5, 2018 by Rookie (6,600 points)