My wifi was damaged this weekend if i buy a new one can you help me set it up with your simcard

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asked Dec 3, 2018 in Devices by jndmzeelie (120 points)

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Good Day,

This is how to Install & set up your Router:

- Remove the SIM cover of the router.

- Insert the power supply into the power supply source.

- Insert the SIM card into the router and replace the cover.

- Connect the power supply cable to the router.

- Make sure the power light is on.

- Attach both aerials to the router.

Once you have set up the device, you now need to configure your device:

- Open your browser and type into the address bar and press enter.

- Select settings and type in admin for both username and password

- Log in

- Follow the quick setup wizard to check or set network connection parameters step by step.

To ensure the Wi-Fi function is turned on, the WiFi indicator light should be steady on.

The default wireless network name (SSID) and the WiFi Key password is located at the bottom of your router.

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