Is it possible to double your money each day by trading?

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Is it possible to double your money each day by trading?
asked 3 days ago in General by Braigton (240 points)

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It's the easiest thing in the world if you use the technical analysis and certain signals to maximise your winning chance. I made plenty of money and lost plenty of money at the beginning. Now it's the easiest thing for me because you learn over time and hard work. Nobody becomes rich overnight. It's a long process but at the end it's gonna be worth it. Trading binary options is a good business, if you look at it like it's a business. Most people think it's like gambling and the brokers are scams and so on. But there are still people out there who make a lot of money from options trading.
answered 2 days ago by Twinflower (380 points)
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I'm not a big expert in trading but I can say that you can double your money with sport betting, it is real! Best strategy would be to:
1)LEARN about the sport with which you want to play.
2)ANALYSE the team you want to bet on.
3)PLAN what market you want bet with.

For this purposes website can be very useful.
answered 24 minutes ago by Fomme (580 points)