Does Afrihost attempt to charge everyday for a top up request if the request bounced

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Will there be repeated attempts to charge for my top up request if it has initailly bounced due to unforseen circustances? My bank will repeatedly charge me if these requests repeat. I am concerned in case I cannot transfer money into the account till after the weekend.
asked Dec 13, 2018 in Billing by ali2star (120 points)

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Good Day,

We will not attempt to charge you every day for a top up, we attempt to charge within 72 hours and send you a message to resubmit your payment thereafter if payment has failed.

If you require further assistance, please 
send a message to our WhatsApp helpline:
or visit our Help Centre:
or see our FAQ page:

Thank you


answered Dec 14, 2018 by AfriClaire (26,810 points)
Thank you for getting back to me!