Dedicated Servers Connection

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Is there any throttling or FUP on the connection?

asked Mar 4, 2015 in Physical Dedicated Hosting by Timmyconnect (140 points)
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Afrihost is pretty permissive about network usage - they don't seem to shape or throttle for dedicated servers.  Remember that if you use enough, it is going to cost you real money, so you will pay for your share of the fair usage.  There's no reason to enforce fairness if freedom works well enough.
answered Mar 5, 2015 by Bananaman (5,390 points)
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That is correct Bananaman. You will be allocated a certain amount of bandwidth you can use depending on the package that you are on. If you use more than that there will be a charge for each gig that you moved. You services will not be stopped when you run out of bandwidth.
answered Mar 5, 2015 by AfriDude (43,970 points)