I see you've dropped my line at 2Mbps again I need it increased please.

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asked Mar 5, 2015 in Lines by anonymous

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The feature to drop the line speed has been disbaled by Telkom. They have set their system to determine the best possible speed that your line can get at a certain time. If the line speed has dropped it could be an indication of your line being intermittent. Before we request Telkom to push your line to its actual speed you need to provide test results so that we can log a fault if necessary. Please follow the link below, this will help troubleshoot where the problem is coming from:

Intermittent Connectivity: https://answers.afrihost.com/883/how-to-troubleshoot-my-adsl-line?show=918#a918
answered Mar 5, 2015 by AfriDude (43,950 points)