Does throttling affect real-time services on the Home Uncapped packages? Specifically Netflix

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I've been on a capped account for a long while and had no problems whatsoever, that is until my dad got Netflix. the gigs just started burning up as fast as lighting.

I don't do too much downloads or anything, just the occasional file or two after midnight as this was during the free-time period on capped.

I've read that the home uncapped throttles when under network strain once a user reaches the threshold within a 30-day rolling window. however, it states that real-time services ie web browsing, streaming, secure browsing/https are never shaped/throttled only under special circumstances.

what I would like to know is if Netflix falls under this throttling threshold. I would not like the streaming to be halted or shaped in any way. Again, I'm not a heavy downloader, I do lots of browsing, Youtube streaming, banking, email and Netflix, not many torrents, etc just need the most economical uncapped package that does not slow down Netflix.
asked Jan 2 in ADSL by mathebus (120 points)

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