Does throttling affect real-time services on the Home Uncapped packages? Specifically Netflix

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I've been on a capped account for a long while and had no problems whatsoever, that is until my dad got Netflix. the gigs just started burning up as fast as lighting.

I don't do too much downloads or anything, just the occasional file or two after midnight as this was during the free-time period on capped.

I've read that the home uncapped throttles when under network strain once a user reaches the threshold within a 30-day rolling window. however, it states that real-time services ie web browsing, streaming, secure browsing/https are never shaped/throttled only under special circumstances.

what I would like to know is if Netflix falls under this throttling threshold. I would not like the streaming to be halted or shaped in any way. Again, I'm not a heavy downloader, I do lots of browsing, Youtube streaming, banking, email and Netflix, not many torrents, etc just need the most economical uncapped package that does not slow down Netflix.
asked Jan 2, 2019 in ADSL by mathebus (120 points)

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Kindly note that home Uncapped Packages are subject to throttling only when a user has reached their monthly threshold and Premium Uncapped Packages are not subject to throttling or monthly threshold.

Your internet speed will also affect the quality of your streaming service eg: 2mbps will struggle to stream HD videos.

Please consider upgrading your package for a smoother streaming experience.

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answered Jan 25, 2019 by Nino (24,610 points)