How to write a good essay?

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Hi! My teacher told me to write a good essay on gender inequality. I don't know where to start. I need help!
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Another thought crossed my mind. I'm thinking about reaching out to professionals for help here. What do you say to that? Have you used the services of such companies? If so, I'm waiting for feedback. Thank you!

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I. Introduction
 A. Opening sentence (an interest catcher)
 B. Body of paragraph (introduces why the essay is important or what the main points will be)
 C. Transitional sentence (helps lead into the body of the essay as a whole, or at least into the first point.)
 II. Body of the Essay
 A. 1st Point (of equal importance or "weight" as 2nd or 3rd)
 1. Your first issue, fact or argument under 1st point (using as many sentences or paragraphs as necessary to state it clearly)
 2. Another issue, fact or argument under 1st point
 3. Etc., etc.
 4. Transitional sentence, either as last sentence of 1st point or beginning of 2nd point.
 B. 2nd Point (as above, etc.)
 C. 3rd Point (as above, etc.)
 III. Conclusion
 A. Transitional sentence (leading into concluding remarks or restating briefly the main theme of your essay)
 B. Body of the paragraph (closing comments on each of the main points or brief, creative restatements of those points)
 C. Final sentence (a trailing sentence talking about a need for further study, how things might change, how others might study the same thing a bit differently, etc.)

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If I need to do an essay on studies, I do it myself. I am good at writing and composing interesting material. Sometimes I use screen recorder Mac to create interesting images. It helps me to make my material more interesting and useful, and I get more appreciation.

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First, you need to research the topic of gender inequality and look for some secondary sources (scholarly writings created by known scholars) which you believe are worth paying attention to. When you will have enough information collected, with various points of view you may start the mindmapping process. Most definitely, after reviewing all the info collected you will come across some interesting arguments which you will later expand on or use as an evidence to your own claims. Only after the prelimiary research process one can generate interesting ideas, and actually can write. So go researching! As a hint you can use wikipedia and at the end of each article there is a long list of sources, which you may use. For instance, you may search: what are the roots of inequality, when did the equalization start, the role of human rights, why do the rights conflicting each other unlike freedoms, liberty and equality, why people are born unequal (we are not John Lock's Tabula Rasa ) etc. However, if this still does not encourage you to investigate further, Essaylib - one of the writing companies, can really help you with the writing process. If I were you, however, I would do it myself, as researching and writing brings much fun!

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The trick to writing an engrossing essay that people are tempted to finish reading is to make sure it does not adopt a monotonous tone. When you deliver a speech, you have the advantage of making it sound dramatic/sober/sad/happy etc. With an essay, you are entirely at the mercy of your words to do all the talking, so be very conscious of your words and the mood your sentences create.
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People generally stop reading an essay after the first couple of paragraphs if it is not involving enough so make sure you start with a bang - something that captures  the reader's attention/is suspenseful/funny etc. to tempt the reader to keep going
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