Does fibre backbone infrastructure work during load shedding?

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Does fibre backbone infrastructure work during load shedding?

My CellC LTE worked at full speed during 5 hours of load shedding. I guess cellphone towers have backup batteries, or a neighboring tower helped.

I was thinking of getting fibre at my house, but not if the fibre network goes dead during load shedding. Then I would have to buy prepaid cellphone data every time there's load shedding. I have solar panels and baterries so my fibre modem would work during load shedding.

Can someone tell me from experience how long their fibre worked during load shedding?

With OpenServe in Waterkloof Ridge Pretoria?

I guess the OpenServe fibre backbone network uses municipal power, so fibre doesn't work during load shedding. Or the fibre network only works for one hour with their backup batteries.

Then I will rather stay with CellC LTE. Because load shedding is here to stay. And the municipality doesn't upgrade electricity infrastructure. Pretoria East has had periods of more than a week without electricity because of burnt out transformers.
asked Jan 22, 2019 in Fibre by ALAN2 (120 points)

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Hi Alan

I trust you are well,

OpenServe has back up power at the exchange and the MSLANs. You can expect between 4 - 7 hours of service after an outage.

The battery packs and the UPS's are prone to theft, as a result, backup power is not always guaranteed.

However, OpenServe does replace the batteries.

NB: Backup power is limited to the provider and is area specific.

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answered Jan 30, 2019 by Nino (28,510 points)