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Hi , since the data for the top up rolls over to the following month, if I top up my account then cancel my package before the billing run starts will my data for the top up be canceled at the end of the same month with my data package? What if I cancel my package first then top in the next couple of days? What will happen to my data then? Will i be able to use my data for next month even if I wont be using my initial package?
asked Mar 5, 2015 in ADSL by Angel

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When you top up your account, your data will be set to expire at the end of the following month. If you decide to cancel while the topup is still active even if it is befoe our blling run your account will be set to cancel at the end of the following month because of the topup rollever. If you cancel your account and run out of data before your account is cancelled (before month end), you will not be allowed to do a top on your account because the data for the topup will be set for the following month which will conflict with the cancellation pending that will take place at the end of the month.
answered Mar 5, 2015 by AfriDude (43,970 points)