My download speed is normal with my Web Africa account on my up to 40mbps line, but extremely slow with Afrihost. Why?

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Using the same adsl line and the same equipment my download speeds are much higher and the ping much better with Web Africa and Axxess. Is there a problem with Afrihost? There does not seem to be on the ClientZone.
asked Mar 6, 2015 in ADSL by Peter Botha

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It could be the package type you have with Afrihost that would limit your speed. Possibly your Web Africa & Axxess accounts allow for speeds up to 40mbps. Check your package description what it says (Up to 1Mbps, Up to 2Mbps, Up to 4Mbps, Up to 10Mbps, Up to 20Mbps, Up to 40Mbps).
answered Mar 8, 2015 by theeandre (32,960 points)
Package with Afrihost is up to 40mbps
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Morning Peter,

To be able to say for sure why is causing your slower than normal speeds, I would need to first look at your ADSL account to see if there are any discrepancies or issues that could be affecting your account. You are welcome to send us a mail to with your ADSL username so that we can make sure all is in order.

We are currently receiving reports from some of our Users in the South that are seeing a jump in latency and a signifiant drop in ADSL speeds, we are busy investigating the cause of this, and I am sure the South will be running back at the normal speeds very soon.
answered Mar 9, 2015 by AfriGenie (2,280 points)
Well that was a week ago, still no change.