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Hi Guys.

Please help. I need a quotation for a DSL connection to my Home.

I weel also need the following:

1 X ADSL Connection to my home

1 X Telkom connection

1 X ADSL WiFi Router

1 X Uncapped 2MB connection



asked Mar 9, 2015 in ADSL by Anton Pretorius

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Morning Anton!

To make use of our ADSL service, you will need to first contact Telkom to install and activate a Basic Voice line for you, this is will need to remain active for as long as you continue to use your ADSL service.

We can provide you with a 2Mbps Uncapped Bundle for R397 per month, this includes the ADSL line rental as well as the Uncapped account itself:

Afrihost is also able to provide you with an ADSL modem for R995, this is a once-off charge, and includes the courier delivery charge as well as the setup fee for the ADSL modem:

Once you have completed the sign-up, Afrihost will complete the ADSL line installation and activation, as well as covering any of the ADSL installation costs.

answered Mar 9, 2015 by AfriGenie (2,280 points)