My area has just had load shedding and my signal is up on my router but I am not receiving any internet.

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I have reset my router multiple times, my internet lighter does light up but I don’t receive any internet and sometimes the light flashes and switches off.
asked Mar 17 in Fibre by Muaaz Gani (130 points)
NOTHING BUT ISSUES AND SLOW SPEEDS SINCE JOINING AFRIHOST CELLC ADVANCED LTE SERVICE IN STELLENBOSCH IN LATE JANUARY - This problem noted has happened to us at least 6 times in past 6 weeks.  Not only that but we are continually told this is a CellC problem not an Afrihost problem.  
A CellC technician finally who came to our house last week - and measured the LTE Advanced signal right on his phone next to our H B315 new router and got almost 50 Mbps on his LTE CELL C Advanced tower.
 Our Afrihost signal on the router through a laptop WIFI and a NUC LAN supposedly able to get 30 Mbps - got 12 Mbps.  So the CellC technician said that the signal was likely being throttled or data blocked coming to our sim chip - or the sim chip was faulty and/or Afrihost's network servers in JNB.were unable to provide the same bandwidth to its customers as CellC was - directly.  Who knows whom is telling the truth??  But what we do know is we have averaged the equivalent of ONE lost day per week since 25th January - due to outages fo the signal via Afrihost.  In contract, my wife has a CELLC LTE [Not LTE Advanced] annual 30 GB subscription and her data signal - which we have both had to regularly rely on due to problems with the Afrihost service] - has not gone done once since late December and she routinely gets 28 to 30 Mbps on speedtest with CellC to CellC JNB servers.

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same here! I just upgraded my plan to premium fibre and never had worse internet connection! Please reply with contact details to this topic. Call center not helpful - not sure if they know what they are doing :/?
answered Mar 18 by fensterscheibe (150 points)