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Please let us know when afrihost has released your line into the holding pool as well as you would need to provide us with your b number
asked Mar 20, 2019 in Client Zone by Lourens123 (120 points)
May you please advise soonest.

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Good Day


All cancellations are submitted through ClientZone.

  1. Log into ClientZone.
  2. Click on the product tab.
  3. Select the package you want to cancel.
  4. Click on the ‘Edit Package’ button.
  5. Select the ‘Cancel this Service’ button.
  6. Complete the form and click on ‘Cancel this Service’ to confirm your cancellation.

Cancelling a DSL Line

If you are cancelling a DSL line, please note that your DSL line service will be transferred back to Telkom. Telkom will bill you for the DSL line rental - if you do not want the line anymore, you will have to cancel the DSL line with Telkom directly.

You will be disconnected from your DSL connectivity account on the last day of the month at 23:59:59.



answered Apr 4, 2019 by keshan.p (640 points)