If you upgrade your PHP from 5.6 to 7.X and your website returns a 503 error how can you fix this?

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Hi Afrihost answers,

So recently i have had many websites go down due to upgrading PHP from Version 5.6 to V 7.1/2. This is being down for numerous reasons main one is the sites have started white screening due to the plugins not working 100% with the older version's of PHP. Is there a general guide to fixing these issues as i cannot seem to find too much info about this error on the net.
asked Mar 26 in Shared Hosting by Owl!ie (120 points)

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Hi Owlile

I trust you are well,

Yes, you are correct in saying that PHP v5.6 is soon to be fazed out. The ETA is 1yr from now. kindly start updating your websites accordingly.

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