how do I send emails to more than 50 recipients

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asked Apr 12, 2019 in General by alfinlay (190 points)

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Our shared hosting servers do not support bulk mailing. Although we do allow a large number of mails to be sent per hour, if these mails are identified to be bulk mail then they could be blocked. Also, the mails must conform with anti-spam regulations and templates not to be flagged as spam, which is a violation of our AUP.

It's important to remember that other ISPs also have their own bulk mailing regulations. For example, when Google notes a large number of mails considered bulk mailing routing through their system, they can block or slow down the delivery of mails.

It's generally best to use a recognised bulk mailing system like Touchstream or MailChimp in order to make sure your mails arrive where they're supposed to.

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