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Can you please explain what is the deference between the 10Mbps Home uncapped - R647.00 and the 10Mbps Premium uncapped - R717.00. Both is 10Mbps and both is uncapped. So why the deference in price and what is the reason.

Do I pay then only for example R717.00 per month or is there a line rental fees from Vuma that must be added as well. How does it work.
asked Apr 23, 2019 in Fibre by Schalla (120 points)

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With Vumatell there is a once off installation fee, but activation is free. 

The difference between Home uncapped and Premium is subject to throttling during a high demand on the network, should the user reach the threshold.
During network congestion Home uncapped accounts are shaped, meaning services like streaming and downloads are slowed down.

answered Apr 24, 2019 by Rookie (6,600 points)