How do I create an email signature (adding an image) using my roundcube?

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asked Mar 10, 2015 in Email Hosting by Lerato Moleko

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Creating a Signature for your mails in Roundcube is quick and easy! I've found this really useful video that takes you through it step-by-step Here.

Alternatively you can follow these steps:

In order to add an image to your signature in RoundCube you will be required to:

1. Log into Roundcube at (replace with your domain name).
1. Select "Settings" on the top right hand corner.
2. Select Identities -> then select your identity/signature.
3. Select the "HTML signature" tick box.
4. Select the "HTML" icon in the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor.
5. Insert the following line of HTML:

<img src="">

make sure you replace the link above with a link to your own logo.

6. Select "Save".
7. Select "Preferences" in the left hand menu.
8. Select "Composing Messages"
9. Change "Compose HTML messages" to "always"
10. Select "Save".


answered Mar 10, 2015 by AfriGenie (2,280 points)