Do I need to delete an existing Joomla website before creating a new Wordpress website?

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Hi, Please bear in mind I am a total newbie when answering my question :) I am doing a Wordpress website for a colleague who already have a hosting account with a Joomla website with Afrihost. I have 2 questions: 1) Can I go ahead and create the new website with wordpress without having to delete the Joomla website first, or do I have to delete the Joomla website before I download and start with the new wordpress site. She does not want to keep the old Joomla site, just keep it running until the new wordpress site is finished. Also, how do I delete the Joomla website without causing any problems?  Thank you.
asked May 10 in Shared Hosting by heap (120 points)

1 Answer

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I have the exact same question, can I do that? I want to make a copy of the blog and I have it on Joomle and also hosting on Afrihost, but I want to do it on Wordpress now.
answered Jul 10 by edufranklin (620 points)