need some information of the fiber line

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how do i know if my grey box where the fiber is is active, there are looks like a ip adres in the box en fiber is also there, and i can't get any  information of the payment for vumatel that i must pay. first pay then they come, month to month. i want to open account with afihost but i need answers. please help
asked May 15 in General by wihan (120 points)

2 Answers

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Fiber line, you pay for a monthly subscription and that's it. So you will not be difficult to pay all on time. If you need instructions write to support

answered May 23 by Pappi (300 points)
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Yes that's right. First we pay everything, we appeal to support and they give out information to you. Payments are all transparent.

answered May 23 by Cassandra_H (300 points)