Why is my internet so freaking slow!!!!!!!

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Why is my internet so freaking slow

it has been 3 weeks now and i cant do any Gaming, my internet never game me problems the way it is now

im a loyal customer and pay on time every month  why am i getting such bad internet service

If it carries on like this then i will be forced to get a different internet service provider
asked May 17 in Fixed Wireless Internet by -_-Manaul-_- (120 points)
also slow especially since I disconnected my Telkom mobile internet and now only using Afrihost fibre which is quick for new messages and websites but my email access, Dstv and some websites are slower now than DS: 4G Telkom -LTE. So something is wrong with my fibre settings

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You have internet with Afrihost which is the same as having internet with Telkom, I'm having the exact same problem at the start of the month my upload speeds stays at around 5mbs but from the middle of the month at around 7pm it drops to below 1mb making it impossible for me to game, and when I try and query this with Afrihost I get the same generic answers that some clown is just taking off a FAQ page, Afihost is fucking joke. 0% customer service and 0% a quality product , they give you great internet for the first month you have it after that get ready for lag and being removed from games due to slow connection
answered May 18 by AlexPensalfine (140 points)
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what technology are you using as a teel to connect to the internet? there's  3G, HSDPA, ADSL, LTE, Fiber and saterlite and there's more  so which one are you using?
answered May 22 by moeletsiwabatho (220 points)