Is Fibre throttled? and - Process of moving from an ISP to Afrihost

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I would like to confirm - your Fibre packages are NOT shaped or throttled?

The current ISP I am using (MWEB) has throttled my fibre accout after I used 170GB this month, This is on a 10mbps/10mbps line.


If I wanted to migrate to Afrihost,

1. What is the cost.

2. How long would it take.

3. I am currently with MWEB as an ISP and OPENSERVE as a fibre provider.



Tony Fisher.
asked Aug 26, 2019 in Fibre by tfisher100101 (130 points)

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Good Day

I trust you are well,

Kindly note that Afrihost Pure Fibre is not throttles or shaped.

Please follow below links for Pure Fibre FAQ and Fibre Packages.

If you require further assistance,   

please send a message to our WhatsApp helpline:  

or visit our Help Centre:  

or see our FAQ page:

answered Sep 19, 2019 by Nino (23,520 points)