I want to switch form Telkom to Afrihost

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I want to switch form Telkom to Afrihost, I currently have a Openserve Fibre line with Telkom as my internet host. If I move to Afrihost will there be seperate openserve fibre costs on top of the package costs of Afrihost?
asked Sep 9, 2019 in General by Ettas1997 (130 points)
Maybe I should not move from Telkom to Afrihost, because nobody is answering my questions, and this could be an indication of the service I will receive.

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Hi there 

In order to successfully migrate your Fibre to Afrihost, you will need to process what we call a Fibre Migration.

Cancel with your current Service Provider

You will need to notify your current ISP and cancel your current services with them. Most ISPs require a 30 day notice period. You may be charged a cancellation/migration fee if applicable.

Once you have been released by your ISP, you can sign up with Afrihost. No additional costs will apply, you'll only be paying for the package 

answered Oct 5, 2019 by TshililoM (510 points)