Why is there no telephone support on Saturday afternoon, internet is down for 6 hours.

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asked Dec 6, 2014 in ADSL by kohlhtor (160 points)
I have found your account with us and am getting one of our team to give you a call to see how we can assist you :)

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Good day,

I trust you are well :)
Our lines were open, sorry to hear you could not get through, can you send me your number so I can organise a call back for you or you can sms "HELP" to 32541 and one of our agents will call you back :)
answered Dec 7, 2014 by JamesB (190 points)
Still no information on Facebook I get a callback but their was no solution but their still trying to fix the problem after one day I have no trust in you support after the last 3 months the Sade part is telephone support in only to 15:00

We have the notice up on our website on the status page for the Eastern Cape:

The notice is also on our Facebook page at the following:

The SMS is 24 hours so feel free to send us one at any time for a callback :)
Facebook was edit but no new massage sins 10 hr you only get notes ton new massages other people on Facebook in pe have still problems and your replay was keep trying
I open a ticke. Yesterday and the las reply yesterday was 20:00 lucky I have a backup you can not relying on Afrihost
No assistance on Saturdays?