Is the R399 pm option a monthly contract? Can you get it on a monthly-to-month contract?

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We are currently on a month-to-month contract with another fibre internet provider, not 6/12/24 months, and we only have to give on months notice to cancel, do you offer this option (on uncapped) and if yes is it available on the R399 pm package.

We are experiencing problems with running our daughter's online maths class (interactive) and each month we have to buy data from our previous provider to enable her to have her class.  The new service provider seems unable to resolve the issue.


As mentioned, it must be an uncapped option.


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asked Oct 7, 2019 in General by Alrike Hefer (130 points)

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No! At Afrihost, we don't lock you into outlandish contractual commitments.
All our packages are Month-to-Month and can be easily cancelled if you change your mind.

Please see the fibre packages we have available


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