Why do senders to me get a message that my mailbox is full?

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How do I empty my mailbox?
asked Mar 17, 2015 in Email Hosting by di (140 points)

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If folks get a message that your mailbox is full then one of these has happened:

  • You have filled up your mailbox
  • You have used up all your hosting space

If you send a mail to yourself from an external account, you should can see it for yourself.

If you have filled up your mailbox, you should:

  • Empty the trash
  • Delete mails you don't need without sending them to trash (shift+Delete may do it).  If you try to send them to Trash, you don't actually delete them.
  • If you are using POP3 to download mail, change the seetings to uncheck "leave mail on server", and check "Delete mail after 7 days"

If you have filled up your hosting account, then you can:

  • Upgrade to a bigger account
  • Find the thing that is filling up the account, and delete it (e.g. people who have left, but left their mailboxes in place, log files, unnecessary backups)

(The form of the "how do I empty my mailbox" question suggests something like "Mary Mary, quite contrary, how do you empty your mailbox".  However, I hope the above helps, even if it is non-poetic.)

answered Mar 17, 2015 by Bananaman (5,390 points)
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BananaMan is correct. But if the actaul qouta is full, you need to upgrade your package to the next bigger one. The last option and the one we hardly advise you to do is to delete mails of the server to save some space. If you are going to delete mails at a later stage, it would be best to set up your mails as POP3 accounts and run a daily mail backup on your PC. With Microsoft you are now able to store files and sync them daily from a cloud.
answered Mar 17, 2015 by AfriDude (43,950 points)