A cancellation fee was forced upon me without any notification of it's existence.

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I was never informed regarding this cancellation fee. I do not know where it is stipulated and it certainly was never comunicated to me.

I would apreciate if somebody at Afrihost can help me understand where I am to find this stipulation.
asked Nov 7 in Billing by Louis Scheepers (130 points)

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Assuming you are on Fixed LTE, it does state


SIM + Device - should you cancel your SIM + Device package in less than 6 months from signup date, or your account falls into arrears, you will automatically be charged a cancellation fee of R999.

SIM Only - the cancellation fee does NOT apply to SIM Only packages. These packages can be cancelled at any time before the 15th of the month.

answered 2 days ago by Matthew Murdoch (64,040 points)