How to setup new Mifi 5330 with Afrihost APN?

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asked Mar 18, 2015 in Devices by Albow (810 points)

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Steps to get new mifi 5330 APN working .. once connected to the device with wifi or usb , go to your browser and put in

You should get this page:

no connection pic

At this point click on Profile Management , username admin, password admin. press cancel on the password warning
(if the page is different ,  then click settings, dialup and then profile management and enter password and user when requested
You should get here:
profile screen
Click on New Profile and fill in the follwing with no password and no user, just profile name and APN with afrihost .. please ensure there are NO CAPS just afrihost NOT Afrihost. The pic applies
add profile
Press save at this point
check profile is default
If you have done everything correctly, you can press Home in the top left corner and you should be connected.
connected screen
Assuming you have done all correctly and there is no connection on a new SIM , the SIM may need provisioning or there may be no signal. 
answered Mar 18, 2015 by Albow (810 points)
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Thats a great answer right there Albow.
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