hi please could you check if this address has your pure lte coverage and how fast can it be -34,019600, 20,412346

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Hello, hello

Please could you advise if you have a good coverage in:  -34,019600, 20,412346

I am considering your pure LTE option the 60/ 60 GB option R349 with sim only (have an iPad 2, not sure if it can be used as a modum) or the same equvilent option with your new device.  With this option, in good coverage areas, do you see any problems using this in 2 different locations?

Thank you so much

Kveta probst

asked Nov 19, 2019 in Air Mobile by kveta (130 points)

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When i convert your co-ordinates to an address if gives me : The Hermitage Valley Treehouse, Swellendam, South Africa

Which returns: Unfortunately, your area does not have Fixed LTE coverage
answered Nov 19, 2019 by Matthew Murdoch (65,060 points)