When wil my wi fi be ready to use

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When you turn it on
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Hi there,

There are a number of factors that can affect the timeframe of your Fibre installation.

There is Fibre infrastructure and the area is live

The installation should be within the timeframe set by the Fibre provider.

For comprehensive average lead times for the installation and activation of a Fibre line to your home, please visit our Fibre Installation Lead Time microsite.

* Please note, these times are an estimate and can vary. Installation lead times are a guide based on averages and will vary. Line activation and connection times need to be added for full turnaround estimation.

The area is live, but the complex or building is not live

This depends on a few factors such as whether or not the body corporate has given the Fibre provider permission to install or if they have chosen a Fibre provider. In these cases there is unfortunately no reliable ETA. We will be in touch with you as soon as there is feedback.

The area is not live, with no infrastructure in place

These areas usually need a lot of work done. Only once infrastructure is completed in your area will the installs begin. This process is out of Afrihost’s control and there is no reliable ETA that we can follow. As soon as the status changes we will let you know.

In the case of all of these situations, every Fibre provider will call the you prior to the installation to arrange a suitable time and date.


If you require further assistance, 

please send a message to our WhatsApp helpline: https://whatsapp.afrihost.com  

WhatsApp Help is available from 07h00 - 20h00 Monday - Friday 

or visit our Help Centre: https://help.afrihost.com/  

or see our FAQ page: http://faq.afrihost.com     

Thank you 

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