My email down is not working and keep receiving an error message

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Please be advised that my mail is not working, Error message, Task "Outlook - Sending' reported error (ox800ccc92) : "your email server rejected your login. Verify your user name and password in Account settings".

I cannot get into my mail to sort this out as this keeps popping up.


Please urgently help.

Corinne Gill 0847770208
asked Nov 29, 2019 in Shared Hosting by Corinne (210 points)

1 Answer

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Good Day Corinne,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused by this.

To access your mail, please follow the steps below:

  • Log into ClientZone
  • Select the hosting tab
  • Click on the domain you want to access your emails on
  • Then select manage emails

If you require further assistance, 
please send a message to our WhatsApp helpline:  
WhatsApp Help is available from 07h00 - 20h00 Monday - Friday 
or visit our Help Centre:  
or see our FAQ page:     
Thank you   

answered Dec 6, 2019 by AfriClaire (26,810 points)