I want to upgrade to a 1000 mbps line

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I want to upgrade to a 1000 mbps line, but i'm unsure of what i should upgrade. I heard from people that you need a very good computer to handle it and others that contradict that statement. I also searched online and found the same results, 2 people contradicting each other.

I would like a list of the thing that i should upgrade to ensure atleast 90% of the 1000 mpbs.

Thank you for reading.
asked Dec 1, 2019 in Fibre by CallMeSenseless (120 points)

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Good Day,

Please follow the steps below to change to another Fibre package in ClientZone:

  • Log into ClientZone.
  • Click on the ‘Connectivity’ tab.
  • Now select your Fibre package from the list on the right-hand side.
  • Click on the ‘Edit Package’ button.
  • Select the package you want to change to in the New Speed dropdown under the Change to Another Package section.
  • Accept the terms and click on ‘Change Package’ to confirm your package change.

Please note. Package changes can be made at any point before the 15th of a month, thereafter our billing cycle is processing and we only allow changes again from the 1st.

Processing Time. Upgrades can take 2 - 48 hours to take effect. Downgrades are processed at the beginning of the following month.

For further more information on how to change your Fibre package, please follow the link below to our Help Centre:


If you require further assistance, 
please send a message to our WhatsApp helpline: https://whatsapp.afrihost.com  
WhatsApp Help is available from 07h00 - 20h00 Monday - Friday 
or visit our Help Centre: https://help.afrihost.com/  
or see our FAQ page: http://faq.afrihost.com     
Thank you    

answered Dec 6, 2019 by AfriClaire (26,810 points)