How do I set up an account to transfer my domain hosting over to Afri host?

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I already have a domain registered and would like to transfer the hosting to Afrihost. How do I set up an Afrihost account to move the domain hosting across?
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Good Day Neerana,

First sign up for a hosting package.

Please follow the steps below to sign up for a Shared Hosting package via the Afrihost Order form.

When this is completed you will be sent a Welcome mail.
The mail will contain your login details to your client zone and cPanel login details so you can manage your domain.

These will include your FTP details so you may upload your domain to the public_html folder in your cPanel.

  1. Go to the Afrihost Order Form.
  2. Click on the ‘Web Hosting’ tab.
  3. You can choose between either Linux or Windows Shared Hosting.
  4. Choose your preferred package and click ‘Next Step’.
  5. Now select your Domain Option.


    • New Domain - register a new domain that does not exist yet.
    • Transfer Domain - if you have a domain and want to transfer to Afrihost.
    • Self Management - if you already have a domain and want to manage it yourself.
  6. Enter your Domain name.

    • New Domain - Enter the domain you want to register and select from the available domains.
    • Transfer Domain - Enter the existing domain name.
  7. Select ‘Next Step’
  8. Then this will take you to your shopping cart. Please confirm the products are correct. You will see the pro-rata rate you will pay for this month and the full monthly payments thereafter.
  9. Select ‘Checkout’
  10. Select a payment method. Add new or use existing details.
  11. Accept the terms and conditions.
  12. Select Complete order.

When you transfer a domain, the hosting provider that you are transferring to is only responsible for the transfer of the domain name and not the content. 

It is the responsibility of the client, to request the content from your current/previous host and to provide you with a full site backup as well as full mail back up.

In order to transfer to us without any down time you need to move your content to us, and get your current/previous host to point the DNS to the specific server allocated by your new host - Afrihost.

The content does not transfer unless you specifically copy it from one hosting location / provider to another hosting location / provider.

In order to transfer to us without any down time you need to move your content to us, before you change your DNS records to point to our servers.

You can do this by having the domain transfered to us so we provide DNS management.

Don't accept the transfer request until you have completed the following:

  • Make arrangements before and know the location of your current content at your current hosting provider. This will allow the IP address of the server your content is hosted on and any other DNS records required, for services like mail, to work.

Please speak to us beforehand to help you find out what they are or have a look at the following sites:

Who Is - This tool allows you to get information about various Internet resources, such as domain names, networks, IP addresses, domain registrants, or autonomous systems. 

Online DNS Record Viewer - makes it easy to view all kinds of Domain Name System (DNS) records.

  • Using the Afrihost Client Zone DNS management function, point your DNS records back to where your content is currently hosted on your old hosting providers servers. Now you can accept the transfer request so that Afrihost now becomes responsible for managing your DNS records. Then copy all your content across to our servers.

  • Once all the content is on our servers and you are happy with how everything is working. You can then follow this link to test and see what it looks like on our servers

Then use the Client Zone to change your DNS pointing to point to our servers.

  • Visit your Afrihost Client Zone
  • Select Hosting
  • Select your our domain
  • Select hosting settings
  • Go to DNS editor and create new records

These records will have been emailed to you on sign up.

If you require further assistance, 
please send a message to our WhatsApp helpline:  
WhatsApp Help is available from 07h00 - 20h00 Monday - Friday 
or visit our Help Centre:  
or see our FAQ page:     
Thank you   

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