what is my balance? does unused data carry over to new month?

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Please follow the steps below to view your Fixed Wireless data usage:

  1. Log into ClientZone.
  2. Click on the ‘Connectivity’ tab.
  3. Select your Fixed Wireless data package.
  4. You’ll be able to see how much monthly data you have left on the right-hand side.
  5. Any topup data will also show on the right-hand side.

Monthly data rollover explained

For Rain Packages

Monthly Data on Rain packages will only expire at the end of the NEXT month. This means that if you haven’t used all of your monthly data by the end of the month, it will roll over to the next month. Rolled over data will be consumed first before new data.

For example, if you get 25GB per month and you have 5GB left at the end of February, this 5GB data will rollover to March, giving you a total of 30GB to use until the end of March.

For Cell C Packages

Any unused monthly data on Cell C packages will expire at the end of each month.

For Telkom LTE Packages

Telkom in-bundle anytime monthly data will roll over and Night Time data does not rollover.
Night Time data is only valid from midnight to 7:00 daily.

For Pure (MTN) LTE Package

Pure LTE Anytime and Night Time data rollover for 30 days.

What happens to my monthly rollover data when I upgrade or downgrade my LTE package?

If you change your package (upgrade or downgrade) you will forfeit any monthly rollover data.

For example, let’s say you have a 25GB package and in the middle of February, you request an upgrade to a 55GB package. At the end of February, you still have 5GB left of your 25GB package. This 5GB data will not roll over but will be forfeited.


At the beginning of March, you will only receive your new package data allocation (55GB). Once you are on your new package, any data that is left over at the end of the month will roll over as usual.

For further more information on monthly data rollover, please follow the link below to our Help Centre:


Data topup rollover explained

Cell C LTE data Topups

Fixed Wireless Internet data topups are valid for 30 days from purchase.

For example, if you purchase a topup bundle on the 25th of July, the bundle will expire on the 23rd of August at 23:59. Any unused topup bundle will be forfeited at 23:59 on the expiry date.

Telkom LTE data Topups

All Telkom Fixed LTE topups includes Anytime and Night Time data.

Anytime top up data expires 30 days from purchase and Night Time top up data expires 30 days from purchase.

Pure LTE (MTN) data Topups

Anytime top up data will roll over for 30 days from purchase.

For further more information on data topup rollover, please follow the link below to our Help Centre:


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