How to connect to the right people at Afrihost

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I have struggled and struggled and struggled with Afrihost for days now, and no one was willing to assist.

I tried phoning I tried live chat, Ive tried email, whatsapp and received no help. Whatsapp takes up to 12 hours to respond and i you dont respond within 5 minutes they disconnect you and you have to go through it again. Tried phoning afrihost was on hold for up to 45 minutes, when i eventually got through, the very unfriendly unhelpful employee just said he doesnt know how to help me, and he will check with warehouse.

I have been escalating this matter and a manager was suppose to phone me back but to no avail.

Some background on Monday I ordered fibre package, the very next morning Vumatel came and installed my box, however I am sitting without a router. And no can assist me with time of delivery. I was told that I would have the router latest yesterday.

Eventually got help by a brilliant person at afrihost that sorted out my issue within minutes I had collected my router. I am not sure whether Gian reads these posts, but if he does i want him to know that he has one colleague Zandile Mabena, that was absolutely brilliant and fast in helping me, she sorted out my problem, credited the delivery fee as i had to collect it and made sure that everything was rectified within minutes. Afrihost needs more Zandile'

I would recommend that you upgrade and update your call centre, train them on good customer service. Why the sudden drop in client service quality from Afrihost.

If i have issues going forward i will have to go through this from the start again.  

i hope it improves.
asked Dec 5, 2019 in Client Zone by Rvanbuuren (200 points)

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I would just like to add here that I had a very similar experience. Its really hard to get any sort of support. For the most part when I did get the people were friendly and as helpfull as can be expected BUT my problems were not solved. I had to reset and self configure my router because it wasnt working and after trying to get support on it for a good few hours I decided to just do it myself.


The problem is possibly not so much the staff but the systems they have in place to deal with support and customer queries. Firstly those two things are different and should obviously be handled seperately. For a company that trades in technology , the way they go about it, is not very confidence inspiring at all. How is waiting 12 hours for a whatsapp reply in any way efficient or acceptable? In fact every method of getting in contact with them takes painfully long.
answered Dec 10, 2019 by BogNinja (260 points)