I have 3 bars on my Huawei device signal strenght but the light stays red

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asked Dec 8, 2019 in Devices by Reinhard.Dreyer (150 points)

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Did you move over from the old cell c option to the new MTN LTE option?

the issue is the APN. Create a new profile and rename it Afrihost, Where it says APN it should reflect Afrihost as well. The username and password fields should be empty as well.
answered Dec 10, 2019 by Zelda (300 points)
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Hi there,

How to configure your Huawei Fixed LTE Device

  1. Connect to your router via LAN cable or Wi-Fi.
  2. Open your internet browser.
  3. Enter into the search bar and hit enter to search.
  4. Select ‘Settings’ on the left-hand side.
  5. Enter the default username name and password.
  6. Select ‘Dial-Up’ option.
  7. Select ‘Profile Management’.
  8. Select ‘New Profile’ and enter the following details:
  9. Profile Name: Afrihost
    Username and Password: Leave these blank
    IP Type: IPv4
    APN: ws.afrihost.fwa (all lower case, no spaces)
    Click ‘Save’.
  10. Select the new profile you have created.
  11. Click Save and Apply.


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